Disciplinary Systems

We recognise that some residents may find it difficult to adhere to the guidelines set out within the Lighthouse. To give residents the opportunity to learn how to adapt to living in shared accommodation we have developed a disciplinary system in order to give residents an opportunity to adjust before being asked to move on for breaching guidelines.

For breaches of guidelines that do not result in a risk to others, such as (this list is not exhaustive):

· Staying out unauthorised

· Not engaging with staff

· Non payment of service charge

· Not adhering to the wake up calls

Residents will receive a verbal warning.

Continued breaches of the same will result in:

Community Hours

A 1st written warning

A 2nd written warning

A conditional notice to quit

Notice to quit

Termination of services

For breaches of guidelines that may result in harm to self or others will result in the disciplinary procedure being followed bar the verbal warning.

Examples of these include, but are not limited to:

· Verbal abuse/threats of physical abuse towards staff or other residents

· Consuming alcohol in the hostel

· Breaching drinks ban

· Breaching drugs policy

· Sectarianism, Racism or Harassment

A risk assessment/risk management form will be completed for all warnings received.

Depending on the severity of the breach of guidelines and the outcome which may result, management may decide, after consultation with the resident and staff involved, to bypass written warnings and issue the resident with a conditional notice to quit: In which they will agree with the resident, a set of individual conditions to which they must adhere, in order to maintain their tenancy. This will be reviewed within one week of being issued and if no further breaches of house rules have occurred within this time a risk management plan will be set in place to minimise the risk of the breach occurring again. Breaches of house rules during the time of the conditional notice to quit will result in the resident being asked to move on immediately.

Immediate Termination of Services

Some breaches in guidelines will result in a resident being asked to leave immediately; examples of these include (but are not exhaustive to):

· Tampering with fire equipment

· Having Class A drugs in the hostel

· Physical violence towards staff or residents

In incidents where this is the case residents will be given ‘packing up’ time. Staff will liaise with the Housing Executive to inform them of the circumstances which have resulted in the resident being asked to move on. Residents will be provided with contact details of other hostels, where appropriate they will be assisted to secure alternative temporary accommodation.

If a resident is asked to move on they will not be reconsidered for accommodation within the Lighthouse for 6 months.

If a resident is admitted to hospital their tenancy accommodation can be kept for up to 52 weeks. While in hospital the resident will have to maintain the payment of service charge to ensure that the bed is kept open for them. If a resident decides that they would like to terminate their licence agreement while in hospital care they must notify a member of management who will cancel their tenancy.

If a resident is arrested and sent to prison their tenancy will automatically be cancelled and they will have to present as homeless once they have been released. Their belongings will be stored as per Property Disposal Policy.

Residents who do not return to the hostel after 3 days without prior consent of management will automatically be booked out. Staff will attempt to contact the resident and their next of kin to ascertain their whereabouts on the 2nd and 3rd day of absence and if no contact has been made with the resident staff will then contact the housing executive to book the resident out. If staffs have concerns regarding a resident’s safety they will contact PSNI to report the resident as a missing person.

If you have any questions about the information in this booklet please speak to a member of staff who will advise you.

All relevant policies and procedures are displayed on the notice board in the dining room.