Lighthouse Hostel Policies & Procedures


Eligibility Criteria and Referral Process


Version 4

22nd May 2012


Next Revision Date May 2014

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Eligibility Criteria and Referral Process

Lighthouse Hostel


Address: 8 Linenhall Street, Ballymena, BT43 5AL.

Contact Details: Tel: 028 2564 7654

                                      Fax:  028 2563 2674



Scheme Type: Short term supported accommodation.

Eligibility Criteria: The criteria has been set by guidance from Living Rivers Trust and              their appointed management committee.  It takes into consideration the Lighthouse Hostel policies for Equal Opportunities, Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment and Data Protection.

Our Service Is Available To:

· Adult Males aged 18-65:-


Who are homeless and have a current housing application.

Who are willing to accept the support offered within the hostel and abide by terms and conditions of their licence agreement.

Who are willing to engage with and accept support from relevant agencies in relation to their health/social wellbeing issues.


· Female applicants.

· Young people leaving care.

· Males with a history of or convictions (current or pending) of serious violence, aggression, schedule one sex offences or arson.

· Anyone who has an active tenancy elsewhere.

· Those who are not entitled to social security benefits or are currently not claiming or are unwilling to claim benefits and have no other means of income to pay service charge and rent.

Please note that when assessing an applicant we will consider our current client group to ensure there are no risks to them.

Self referrals and referrals from other agencies will be signposted to their local NIHE office.


Referrals: Referrals are only accepted from NIHE offices.

Referral Exclusions:

· Self referrals

· Other agency referrals

Referral Process:

· Referrals are made to the hostel direct from the NIHE between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday; this is completed via telephone and completion of a referral and risk assessment form by NIHE staff forwarded by email to the Lighthouse.

· Once a referral is received from the NIHE, if there is availability the applicant will be invited to the hostel for an interview.

· During the interview an initial needs and risk assessment will be completed. With the applicants permission other agencies with whom they have had contact with will be contacted for background information pertaining to risk.

· If the applicant has resided in the Lighthouse previously their file will be referred to for relevant information pertaining to risk, e.g. history of violence when under the influence or debt management issues. This information will be considered in their application before an offer of accommodation is made and may lead to conditions of stay being set in place to minimise risk such as a drinks ban or the applicant being placed on the debt management policy.

· Unsuccessful applicants will be referred back to the NIHE before 4.30pm so as they can obtain accommodation for them. The reason for non acceptance will be provided both verbally and in writing to the applicant and a copy kept on file by the Lighthouse.

· If an applicant is successful they will be inducted by staff and begin their support process.

Referral appeals procedure:

Any applicant or agency working on an applicant’s behalf has the right to appeal a decision of non acceptance and may do so by completing an appeals form and returning it within 7 working days to the manager of the Lighthouse.

A full copy of the appeals procedure will be offered to all unsuccessful applicants.

Please note that the management reserve the right to revoke any decision made to accept an applicant if it is later established that false information was given by an applicant or referral source during the interview process.