Rent Costs

The charge for rent and support at Lighthouse Hostel is £79.36 per week.


This charge is usually covered by the Housing Executive. However, a resident will be liable to make up any shortfall if they are not eligible for full Housing Benefit.



residents are required to pay a WEEKLY service charge of £37.00


Breakfast           7.00am - 10.30am                   Toast and Cereal


Lunch                 1.00pm - 2.00pm                     Light Meal


Dinner                5.00pm - 6.00pm                     Cooked Dinner


Supper               9.00pm - 10.00pm                   Various


Note: Meals WILL NOT be left over for anyone unless kitchen staff are advised of exceptional circumstances or an official appointment or job.


  • No food is to leave the canteen.


  • If you have any dietary needs or allergies please let the cook know so that an alternative can be prepared for you where applicable.


  • You are required to inform the cook if you will be here for lunch and dinner. You can do this by ticking the dinner checklist in the canteen, this must be done by 12pm every day.




A coin box is situated opposite the dining room door. Residents' incoming and outgoing calls should be done via this phone.


Residents will not be permitted to ring out on the kitchen phone without permission from the management.




Post may be collected from the kitchen. A list will be placed on the notice board in the dining room noting who has post to collect.  




Electrical Items 


Electrical items owned by the Lighthouse Hostel meet British Safety Standards and are checked by a qualified electrician on a regular basis.

All personal electrical appliances should be presented to management on arrival for a safety check.


Room Key Deposit


All residents are required to pay a deposit of £10 for their room key.

(£20 if 2 keys required – for the private block).


They will receive this back when they hand their key(s) back on final departure from the hostel.


Laundry and cleaning arrangements


Residents are encouraged to clean their room and have their beds made on a daily basis before 11am.


Chores must be completed daily. The chore list is updated every Monday and displayed in the dining room. Chores must be completed before 12.30 pm.


Where appropriate as part of your support your key worker will assist you to develop the skills to complete your personal laundry, bed linen and room cleaning independently.


On request, residents will be shown how to work the washing machines. Staff on shift can direct residents on how to wash their clothes.


When putting on a wash there should be a full bucket of clothes and one cup of powder should be used.




The ironing of personal laundry is the responsibility of each resident.


Irons and ironing boards are provided, however, these must be left in a safe position when finished with.


On request, a support worker will show the resident how to iron.


Please note that if assistance is required in these areas key workers will incorporate the learning of these skills in to your support plans and supervise and encourage residents to complete these